26 November 2011 - 6 April 2012


Il Settecento a Verona, la nobiltà della pittura: Tiepolo, Cignaroli, Rotari

Gran Guardia Exhibition Center Verona - Guided Tours


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Il Settecento a Verona, la nobiltà della pittura: Tiepolo, Cignaroli, Rotari - Guided Tours

With a tourist guide, visit Verona visit a new great art exhibition in Verona.

After the great exhibition "Corot and modern art" in 2010, Verona will host once again a great art event, this time going back to the XVIII century.
This time too, masterpieces from some of the most important Italian and international museums and collections, including the Hermitage in St Petersburgh and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, will come to Verona.
The exhibition will be held again in the prestigious Gran Guardia, where visitors will be able to admire masterpieces of Tiepolo, Cignaroli, Rotari.
The theme of the exhibition will be the richness and the variety of the arts in Verona in the Age of Enlightment. There will be more than 150 works including paintings, drawings, books coming from many Italian and International museums and from private collections.
XVIII Century has been a very important period for arts, in which developed many issues that gradually brought to modern art in the following century, as previous Corot's exhibition had already highlighted.
Verona from 1405 until 1797 was under the political control of Venice, but nevertheless was able to develop its own artistic schools and characteristics. The exhibition will stress Verona originality with painters such as Antonio Balestra, Simone Brentana and Louis Dorigny.

A very important section of the exhibition will be dedicated to one of the most interesting artistic personality of Verona: Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707-1762). Born in Verona in a noble family, he studied painting in Rome, Venice and Vienna and became one of the most appreciated painters in the court of the Empress of Russia Catherine II.
Another important artistic personality well represented in the exhibition will be Giambettino Cignaroli, who founded the Art Academy of Verona that still bears his name.
Both artists where expressions of great artistic innovation under the cultural patronage of another great Veronese intellectual, Scipione Maffei, that with his personality influenced the cultural life of Verona for the whole century.

Another interesting section will be the one dedicated to the vedutisti, landscape painters such as Luca Carlevarijs and Bernardo Bellotto, who depicted the beautiful XVIII century Verona admired by many international guests who included the town in the so called Grand Tour.

With the occasion of the exhibition, there will be a virtual reconstruction of the ceiling of Palazzo Canossa a Verona, the big fresco painted by Giambattista e Giandomenico Tiepolo. The gorgeous painting has been heavily damaged during the second world war.

Exhibition Sections

The exhibition will have 9 different thematic sections:

  • Verona in the eyes and in the fantasy of painters
  • The "antecedents"
  • New protagonists, Balestra and Maffei
  • Ideas laboratory: graphic and painting models
  • Portraits
  • Heads of fantasy, portraits of the soul
  • Towards neoclassicism
  • Verona and Tiepolo
  • Illustrated books

The exhibition will open on November 26th 2011 and will close on April 9th 2012.

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